Cpl. Adam J. Crumpler

Cpl. Adam J. Crumpler

Marine Lance Cpl. Adam J. Crumpler 19, from Charleston, West Virginia died on June 18, 2005 as a result of small-arms fire while conducting combat operations against enemy forces during Operation Spear in Karabilah, Iraq. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

This quilt was made by Freedom Quilts for his family in honor of Cpl. Adam J. Crumpler.

Adam was born 3 months early,due to his mom’s diabetes. She was divorced when Adam was very young, and we brought them home to live with us,[he was my baby] . He was born to James and Dortha Crumpler August 31,1985. The doctors told her he would be still born, but he wasn’t. He lived in the incubator for the first months of his life. They said he would be blind,but he always had 20/20 vision. My husband and I spent many hours supporting his head so he would learn to hold it up. We exercised his legs. He crawled and walked late but he caught up. He got above average grades and also in honor classes. When his mom died it was like he gave up. He started skipping school so I went to school with him and sat in classes with him. He graduated with his class in 2003.

He played tee ball then farm team , little league and midget football. He loved to roller skate, snow board, ride his mongoose bike, basketball, skate board, he loved his Martial arts, [He planned to open his own school.  When he was 15 I taught him to drive. He was a good driver. He loved to fish and hunt; he loved his pops and always wanted to be a marine like pop. He enlisted when he was still in school and only 17. He graduated in May and left sept 5 after his 18th birthday aug,31. He loved what he was doing and he believed it was right. He was an american hero, he got the navy and marine corps medal this week. The papers say he put himself in the line of fire to save his squad. Many people visit his grave and leave things so i will know some one was there.

When I read on the quilt ” I love my cuddly bear” I cried, I could hear him saying it.


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