Our newest Freedom Quilts Sister

January 19, 2014

LTC Carol SnedekerLTC Carol Snedeker is an amazing woman who works with the Community Based Warrior Transition Unit in California (CBWTU-CA). Within that unit, Lt Colonel Snedeker works with sick, ill and injured soldiers.

LTC Carol Snedeker had made a quilt, and she was looking for someone with a long arm quilting machine who could complete the quilting. Carol walked into an area quilt store and asked if they knew someone who could quilt her quilt. The lady who Carol spoke with told her about Freedom Quilts, and that maybe we could finish the quilt for her.

Indeed, Carol gave us a call and was soon on her way to our quilt shop. In no time at all, Dennis quilted her quilt.

As we were talking, I told her more about Freedom Quilts’ history and about our mission. Carol asked me if we needed any help, and if we did, that she would be more than willing to come and help out.

Of course, at Freedom Quilts, we’re always in need of volunteers. So I told Carol that we could really use some help making quilts. And in no time, Carol was right at home quilting side by side with us.

I’m proud to say that Carol is very much like a sister in many ways. She is our quilting sister, and she is my military sister. It’s always good to see how much the military has changed for the better, and how much it’s still the same in some ways.

Right now, Carol is in California. Then in May, she’ll be coming back to Storm Lake, Iowa where she lives. And believe me, we’re counting down the days until she comes back because we truly miss her.

Carol is such an amazing asset to this project. Not only does she work with the sick and injured, but she knows what it means to bring comfort and care to our soldiers. We are so honored and fortunate that Carol contributes her time, talents, compassion and her experience to help support the Freedom Quilts mission

LTC Snedeker is the kind of person you would want to come and volunteer because she gives it her all.
So, please welcome us in celebrating our new Freedom Quilts Sister, LTC Carol Snedeker!

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