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Freedom Quilts -  Iowa has not forgotten quilt

The 15th Anniversary of 911 is just around the corner. How many of you will remember that day and what happened on September 11, 2001? Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? Did it change your life for ever like it has for the families of 911?

Will you take time to pay your respects for the families who will relive that nightmare? Will you try somehow to let them know they haven’t been forgotten and neither have their love ones who were killed that day?

That day did change my life forever, and that is how Freedom Quilts was born.

And this year, I will be going to New York with a present to honor the families of 911 with total respect and love. I will be presenting a gift to the 911 Memorial Museum for the families to see and know that they have not be forgotten.

Their pain has stayed with me and continues to, for they give me the strength to carry on as I have. Every memory of that day is etched in my head, and every event where I have visited with the families and listened to their story is in my heart and soul. As the days of the 9/11 anniversary draw near, my heart start to ache and I wonder how hard it must be for these amazing families to try and cope with all their pain.

Their stories are important to me, and I do what I can here in Iowa to remind people not to forget. I share some of the stories that have touched my heart when people come to the shop to see what Freedom Quilts is doing. I reach out to our military families with the same respect and honor and love and try to comfort them with a quilt made with so much love, and for our police officers who are out there protecting us all.

My heart goes out to all families who have lost a loved one, for that pain really doesn’t go away you just learn how to cope with the pain. So please, on September 11th take time to pray for the families and give a moment of silence for them. Show that you care.

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