Talking about 911 is not easy, even if it is to say “Thank you”

new york september 11 memorial

In August of 2002, we traveled to Long Island, New York for a special event where we delivered Freedom Quilts quilts to families who lost a loved on on 911.

Now, 15 years later, we have been honored to receive a surprise thank you note from one of the families at that event in Long Island. I remember that day well, and can so clearly recall how touched the families were by our quilted gifts. And, though I recall the appreciation, this special note from a 911 family member has so touched my heart.

Here is her note…


Dear Betty,

I hope this email finds you well.  This note is long overdue.  I have been meaning to write you all summer and for the 15 years before this summer.  As this is the 15th anniversary that I lost my brother, Martin Lizzul, I finally have the ability to write this note, talking about September 11th is not easy, even if it is to say “Thank you”.

My family received your Freedom Quilts and I always wanted to tell you how that made me feel.  First of all, we received 4 quilts, one for me, one for my sister, one for my mom, and one for his widow.  How generous and thoughtful of you to include all of us.  There are no words of comfort that sound right at the time of such tragedy, and really, I felt like I knew what people wanted to say to me and that they loved me and my family and yet they were helpless to help us. The gift of the quilts made me feel like we weren’t alone in our feelings of tragedy, loss, grief, despair.  Strangers hand-made beautiful blankets for us to feel warmth and compassion what a truly amazing act of kindness to give to strangers!  I always wanted you to know how awesome I think you are for thinking of it and for thinking of us during the most horrific time of our lives.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will always remember you and be grateful for the gift of your quilts.

I often thought that I would give my Freedom Quilt to someone who needs it and I would “pay it forward”.  But, honestly, I cannot part with it. I even have the label that is attached to it by a safety pin, which is how I found you!  I would love to be able to deliver a quilt to a
hurting family in my area.  Do you have a need for a volunteer in that
capacity?  I live in Huntington, Long Island, New York.

I look forward to hearing from you if I can be of assistance to your

Sincerely with love,
Susan Lauria

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