In Loving Honor of Bill Doyle. Farewell my dear friend.

Bill Doyle 911 father and a hero

I want to honor a very special friend. His name is Bill Doyle. Without Bill Doyle’s help and the help of Mary Fetcher, I never would have been able to hand out quilts to all the 911 families. The New York Post wrote this about Bill:

Bill Doyle, a tireless 9/11 family advocate who lost his son in the attacks, died Thursday at his home in Ocala, Fla., his family said Saturday. He was 70.

The former Staten Islander fought for years to get the city to provide a proper burial for the unidentified remains of 1,100 World Trade Center victims, including his son Joseph, 25.

“When no one else was willing to come to the forefront, he stepped up on behalf of the 9/11 families,” son Billy said. “And that’s the way he got through his mourning.”

Bill sought me out to help honor those families who had not received one of our Freedom Quilts quilts. As an advocate for the families, he knew them all and did everything he could to keep them all informed as to what was happening. He kept me informed as well.

He would call or email me and ask how he could help me. My first trip out to New York, we did on our own. But for the rest of our trips, it was Bill who found other advocates who helped connect us with events where we could give out quilts to families.

It was also Bill, who on the 5th Anniversary of 911, gave me soil from Ground Zero. At the time, it was only families who were given soil from Ground Zero. But he told me that I was family to him because of all I was doing to comfort 911 families.

It was also Bill and his wife who got my daughter and I to join the families at Ground Zero and place a rose at the reflecting pool. I will never forget what kindness he had and the love and energy he gave to help the families of 911.

Nothing got past him. And somehow, he had gotten my phone number and knew who I was and how to help me. Bill will forever be a true friend. He is now with his son and beautiful wife Camille. The pain of losing his son because of 911 and then his wife is no more, because he is with them.

Farewell my dear friend. And thank you for all you did to help me bring comfort to those who needed it. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to write this, but I don’t deal well when it’s a good friend that passes away.

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