Fallen Hero’s Family Helps Quilt

heroes families help quilt


Dianne Roeder and Katrina Roeder, both mentors for TAPS, reach out to help other organizations like Freedom Quilts. Their connection with Freedom Quilts began with the loss of a loved one. On April 18, 2013 SSgt Shawn M. Roeder died unexpectedly. Freedom Quilts made a quilt for Dianne and Katrina honoring Shawn. The quilt was a way to honor Dianne’s son Shawn.

Both Dianne and Katrina and Katrina’s two daughters came and helped Freedom Quilts make quilts for other fallen heroes’ families. Their reason was very simple – they understand how important receiving a quilt is and the comfort it gave them. And, they wanted to give back by helping another family receive a gift of love and comfort.

It is mothers like Dianne who make this country stronger and make life a little better. God bless families like the Roeders who understand loss and give of themselves to help others.


It such an Honor and a Privilege to work at Freedom Quilts along side of Betty, Dennis and all the others with all the love they show our Fallen Heroes and their families!!! These quilts give such comfort and I want to help others feel that comfort that Betty and Dennis deliver. It’s truly an everlasting hug having that quilt around you knowing that Our Hero is Not Forgotten!!

Dianne Roeder.

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