2018 – A New Year of Hope and Comfort

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A New Year is here, and we are already planning for the year ahead.  The quilts we need to ship to the families of heroes’ – the parents, spouses, and children all over the world who can’t come to Iowa to receive their quilts.

Our mission is to honor our heroes and their families with a quilt made with love and compassion to comfort them.  This year we have given 325 quilts to families of heroes. Since we started our mission in 2001, we have given a total of 8,697 quilts.

What we achieved could never have happened without the kindness, generosity and dedication of so many people who are involved in making our mission what it has become.  Volunteers put in hundreds hours helping to make quilts for the heroes’ families, and that includes our Texas Angels who join in the ranks of helping us out.

The media helps spread news out far and wide to help inspire others to support the mission, and to tell of the families who come to the annual memorial event.

The Legion Riders, Patriot Guards, American Legion, and VFW all join us in honoring the families of our heroes. Our police officers and firefighters are present during the event to honor heroes and their families.

And the generous support from our donors is critical to the mission – without their support we couldn’t succeed in our mission. The many gifts of quilting supplies also goes far to help bring comfort to families.

And FedEx that has stood by us all the way. We pay for shipping quilts that have a P.O. box and those that go overseas, and FedEx takes care of all the rest. Because of FedEx’s help and support, hundreds of quilts find their way to the homes of our heroes’ families.

My husband also does quilting embroidery for a fee – and all of that money goes directly to help the mission. Just think… you get your quilt top quilted, and 100% of the money goes to help a good cause!

My photographer takes pictures of the event for the families and volunteers to keep in memory of the event.  And Col Wiley does an amazing job telling the story of each hero we honor.

Last year we added police officers and firefighters because they too are heroes.  These heroes’ families suffer their loss because these heroes choice a job that cares for our country and our community.

For 2018 our goals are the same – use the support we receive from donations to volunteering to word of mouth – all to help honor fallen heroes and to comfort their mourning families. We are hoping to find more people to support the mission.

We need more volunteers to help create quilts of comfort.
We need more people willing to donate money so we can can expand our mission and reach more families.
And we need more people willing to volunteer their time in helping to get the word out.

In 2018, let us work together to make it easier for the families to find the help they need.

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