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Letters from Families

Over the years, Freedom Quilts has touched the hearts of many families. And sometimes, families send us very special stories of thanks — letters, emails, and photos of family members with their quilt.  We are deeply grateful for these letters and photos.  And, we share their stories here so you can see how Freedom Quilts […]

A Mission to Comfort

With the gift of a quilt, we strive to comfort families and preserve the honor and memory of their loved ones. What We Do. Freedom Quilts creates unique, personalized quilts for family members who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Families are not charged for these handmade quilts. They are free… […]

In Loving Memory

With each quilt we make, a hero is honored and remembered. Each stitch carries with it our respect, our love and our deepest honor for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. To help preserve their memory, Freedom Quilts dedicates a unique web page for each hero who we’ve made a quilt in honor of. […]

Quilts Made with Love

“These quilts are coming from the heart.” — Betty Nielsen. Our Quilts Are Made with Love to Comfort You. Special attention is devoted to each and every quilt. Whenever possible, quilts are personalized with photos and custom designs.  Through our compassion and attention to detail, we strive to help preserve the honor and memory of […]

Made with love to comfort you.