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There are many families in need of comfort. You can help.

We reach out to comfort hundreds of families each year. All of this is accomplished because of the compassion of donors and volunteers. You can help us to continue comforting the many families in need of support.

Donate Today and help Freedom Quilts purchase fabric for a family’s quilt.

Become a Volunteer and give the gift of time.

Donate your Completed Quilt to help comfort a family.


Your help makes a difference…

Your Donation Helps Purchase Fabric and Supplies.
Fabric alone brings the cost of one quilt to about $260. Then, there’s batting, thread, needles, rotary blades, and let’s not forget Band-aids for our volunteers’ dedicated fingers. The total cost for one quilt can easily reach $300 – $350.

In addition to raw materials costs, Freedom Quilts incurs repairs and maintenance costs for sewing machines that are often pushed to their limit.

Your Gift of Time Helps Create Quilts Made with Love.
A single quilt requires hours and hours of planning, purchasing the right fabric combinations, designing individual blocks, cutting fabric swatches, sewing, quilting, and binding. Our volunteers dedicate about 80 – 100 hours of work per quilt.

Freedom Quilts is able to continue comforting families because of
the loving support of people who donate their time money.

Made with love to comfort you.